Charada (The rotating tile placing board puzzle game) App Reviews

Pretty decent

This is Zentomino pretty much exactly the same. This one has infinite levels though.

Fun game!

Very nice game! Hours of fun for under a buck. Ms Magoo


I'm first but this game is great seriously get it while it's free in case u don't like it LOL

Great game for the price.

Got it free. Would have even bought it before if I knew it was this good. Easy to learn but gets challenging.


This reminds me of tetris, Matching and fitting in shapes. It is a very fun game, some levels needs to be more challenging though, but overall 8/10. Get it now while its free!

This game is

Actually pretty fun and challenging! You should give it a try.


It was alright, got boring after a few level and I quit after level 26. Wait for it to be free.

A fun puzzle game

A very fun, easy to get puzzle game, if you like tangrams, you'll more than likely like this game. This has found a place on my iPod.

Decent little game

A time limit or way to see your best/average time would be nice.

Okay, for a puzzle game

It is pretty good. I thought it was fun, but i'm glad I bought it for free. Even though it's only .99 cents, I wouldn't pay that much for it. The hardest difficulty is still very easy.

Love concept, but...

There are games with no solve (more pieces than squares. This has promise of being an addictive game! Thanks for developing!


Interesting game

First review!

Love it but needs sound and enhansed graphics work hard on game and good luck

Great little Puzzle game

Great little game. I was able to get it while it was free but would also say it is well worth the $.99 it costs after the promo time. Several options, levels. If you like quick puzzle games, give this one a try.

Much better versions out there...

Don't pay for this. I got Tanagrams Pro for free and that's a much better version. It just isn't worth the time.


This game is really boring and when I'm playing I wish I wasn't!

Great game!!!

A really fun game- I hope more people discover it. The blocks on the screen shots are like puzzle pieces that you try to fit together to complete the puzzle. The best thing is that there are several different modes, so you can relax and take your time, or you can play the timed or arcade modes for a challenge.

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